2013 Dodge Models

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One of the most respected mainstays of the US automotive industry, Dodge has been cranking out reliable workhorses and flashy rubber-burners since 1900. Whether you're a fan of the Ram 1500, the Charger or the Dart, genuine OEM parts are the key to keeping your trusty Dodge in top form.

To begin with, genuine OEM Dodge parts adhere to the strictest tolerances and specifications. This means that they're built to deliver the exact performance that a Dodge needs to operate under any conditions. Aftermarket parts aren't guaranteed to deliver the same level of performance that OEM gear is known for.

In addition, true OEM Dodge parts are made from superior materials that are chosen specifically for their unique properties. As a result, true Dodge hardware simply lasts longer than aftermarket parts. At the end of the day, OEM Dodge parts stand up to the elements for years without failure or performance degradation.

Best of all, OEM Dodge parts are less likely to feature show-stopping defects right out of the box. Many third-party parts manufacturers cut corners since they're not OEM partners and don't have to live up to the Dodge brand name. If you don't like lemon parts, stick with OEM options.

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